Once a year, every year, everyone you know has a birthday. On your birthday someone will remember you, perhaps even give you a card or gift. By joining the Birthday Club, your birthday could become even more special. There's no better time to remember the precious unborn and give thanks for life than on your own birthday!

Here's How:

Fill out the form below and send it to Alpha Center. On your birthday we will send a birthday card with an envelope for a gift to the unborn. You can sign up your family members too.

There Are 3 Ways You Can Choose to Respond Each Year:

  1. Send $25 on your birthday
  2. Send $1 x Your Age
  3. Send $1 x 49 for those of you who are “49” and holding your youthful look!

Always remember, as a Birthday Club member you are helping to save babies and sould. Everyone deserves a birthday, and thanks to you there will be birthdays for many more beautiful babies

Thank you for your membership in the Alpha Center Birthday Club.

For more info, contact us at (605) 361-3500 or info@alphacenter.org